Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Registration Day

Tomoro ..

Kene pegi MMU for Registration for MBA ..

Im seriously scarrrrreddd ..

I dont know what to wear ...

And it will be a whole day !! :(

Erghhhhh ..

So tomoro no WORK for ME !!

hmmm .. still scarrrred .....

Macam tak percaya jer ..

Sambung Master *im crazy!!!*

anyhoooo ..

Dapat berita Gumbira ..

Insyallah by end of this week .. i got my long waited new gadget *gadget kaaa??*

Call the Person In Charge just now ..

He said By Friday can Register .. hmmmm

Yeay for me :)

Will put up the pic later k ;)

Owh yeahs .. Anyone have seen this Plate Number

WAN 1384


WAN 1310

i would like to buy the number if they want to sell it with reasonable price ..

do email me at w4n1311@gmail.com

Thanks ;)


yusz` said...

babee.... bestnyer nk sambung study... gwe pon mauuuuuu huhuhuhu

Shaira said...

Heheh, good luck babe!

waNny said...

hhahah .. yusz .. sme pak Iran yusszz!! wahss .. Mama MIgrain :((

Shy : thanks babes :)