Friday, February 13, 2009

Not me

OK ..

this week terlampau la letih n tide up with work .. so .. when things did not go well .. i'll be stressed and sangat la sakit hati .. but keep it to myself ..

On last saturday .. My ma kene ragut .. with her new Fendi beg that i bought at London .. Cash in hand was RM 3000 .. and with Visa n Mastercard plus a few other things ..

So .. my mum trips that supposed to end on Monday she end it on Sunday .. my parent come home early ..

So bile kene ragut and IC n License semua hilang .. what do u expect ?? need to go re-do everything lah kan .. and u know how is it with the government services *please dont be offended* .. its SUCKS !!!!!

On Tuesday we went to the JPN in Putrajaya .. Around 80 people before us .. then Wednesday we went to JPJ Petaling Jaya .. 300 people before us .. but surprisingly .. kelajuan sama dengan JPN Putra yang cuma ada 80 ornag tuhs jer ... 3hours of waiting !!!!

And yesterday .. we went to JPN Putrajaya again to collect my mum IC .. nasib baik sekejap .. then the BEST PART .. roadtax unguviolet pulak dah nak expired this Sunday .. our insurance agent baru bagi pagi tuhs .. so nak kene pegi post office pulak renew roadtax .. 90 orang before we all .. and the only counter bukak only 2 !!!!!

So nak amik hati masing2 .. pergi makan dulu kat kenny's .. *we in alamanda* .. so sambil makan aku tengok2 berapa ramai ag .. abis makan .. die baru panggil around 15orang .. amik keputusan .. renew kat Giant Subang ..

Sampai Giant Subang .. Post office dah tutup as they will transfer to Mydin .. boleh x ?? sebelah2 je kottttt .. so dah stress .. call comet .. suruh die pergi renew .. coz ungu violet now dah macam die punya .. i dah tak drive the Ungu violet anymore .. dah seminggu Mie bawak .. *so i guess raya tahun nie xde problem for u to find anymore bus ticket lah kan BB ?? :p u can drive my ungu violet to Terengganu :p .. i know ma will be ok with it .. asalkan tak ada speedtrap yekk :p (kebarangkalian untuk saya ada speedtrap berbanding Comet .. tinggi ke arah saya yerrr :p ) *

So comet came and took all the necessary things and straight gi renew .. took him only 5mins to setel that .. haihs ..


Im applying a new card for my own .. the You:Nique card from Alliance Bank ..

And its too complicated and its just make me fed up .. *nasib baik comet tolong and ask help from his fren to get one of my statement *

So when everything happen .. i just feel the need of shopping !!!!!!!!!!

Retail theraphy aite ??

yeahs .. so I'm buying this ..

Yeahs .. i know its crazy shopping .. at least its better than i bought any other handbag .. coz i just bought a Coach Oversize Clutch .. #-0

Hoping to get the lappie today ..

I know im CRAZY !!!!!!


Dilla said...

sy amat memahami perasaan org yg kene ragut neh.. tp i x la kene ragut.. i org seluk senyap2 handbag i kat mall and then penah skali org amik wallet ikut tingkat di hostel mmu dulu.. Duit x la seberapa... x la sebanyak RM3000 you tu.. takat ratus2 je.. hahah anyway... harta tu x kisah sangat tapi masa tuh yg amat precious!! kene buat lesen baru la.. ic baru la.. kad2 bank la... sebbaik dulu mase kene x pki credit card lg.. kalo tak sibuk kene call nak block.. huhu bengang2.. k laling lets lepak.. mau ku bayar tudung mu dan mau ku beli tudung2 baru...

waNny said...

hehehehhe .. a ahs .. tudung x dibayar lagiii .. hehehehe

tuhs laa .. skait hati kan .. haihs .. tapi nasib baik my ma xde pape .. cume luke2 skit jer ..