Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Its my 400 POST !! hehehehe

Holla beautiful reader !! this is indeed my 400 POST !!

I cant believe it myself :)

Anyway ..

Im in my office ..

My RRE .. i PASSED IT !!

Yeay !!!!!

So semalam after class Comet kene denda belanja Foot Reflexology ..

WHY ??

Coz die pegang my ATM card, while i'm running from bookshop to CIMB in MMU .. and sampai jer depan CIMB cari ATM card TARAK !!!

so dapat foot reflexology free ! hehehehe

then ...

Bosan2 kat Tisa amik pic of my 2 car :)

My ungu violet and the devil :P

Walaupun tak drive ungu violet .. tapi bila naik rasa x betul mesti ask comet to send it to Ah Seng pomen belakang shell :)

So my ungu violet still santek and strong .. heheheheh

Time tengah amik picture .. of coz la my staff dengki ..

So they all cakap "Boss.. boss .. take kami punya picture .."

So i pun amik ..

This is the staff in Subang Jaya ..

Only 5 of them .. Sebab sana sampai kul 12 malam jer bukak :)

On the other note ..

My friend daughter last week *thursday* kene operate in Hospital Selayang because of high blood pressure .. And she is only 4 years OLD !!! saluran darah dia tersumbat which cause to the high blood .. She need to took 17 pills at adult dose and they tried to masukkan stansion *if im not mistaken* so that saluran darah dia besar ..


the operation is a trial and error and they will decided time operate itself .. what make it worst .. waktu operate only the doctor realize that the saluran darah is already 90% tertutup .. so they only do the angiogram if im not mistaken .. So derang had to discuss with IJN, Boston and Singapore Hospital ..

And now .. at this moment she's having her 2nd operation in a week !! She's a strong girl i can say .. coz as what her mother said, the doctor takut dia tak boleh tahan ubat bius which can cause the Lungs to burst .. at the same time if the last operation failed, buah pinggang dia pun boleh rosak ..

Hope everything went well .. do pray for her my dear friend ..


Mrs LVoe said...

congrats!! akhir yea passed gak. i know u can do it!

ungu violet tu comey cam u ;-)

ohhh pity her. kici lagi kan dh ade blood pressure. insyaALLAh everything going to be ok. pray for her.

waNny said...

Sha : heheheheheh .. Tuhs laaa .. Nasib baik passed .. If not another 2yrs baru leh amik balik .. Hehehehe .. Sayang itu ungu violet skarang comet pakai :p ..

Tu la .. Sian die .. Muda sangat ag .. :(

.~jelly D. said...

dear, kenapa lama tak update tudung tu? me ada request la...

waNny said...

Didie : heheheheh .. X sempat nak amik picca .. Selalu jer abis dulu .. Will try my best :)