Sunday, November 18, 2007


dah lame gilek x update .. yup .. sangat2 lame .. uhuhuhuh .. coz busy n malas yang amat .. well .. where shoould i start ?? aaaa .. syaz's wedding ..

well .. end up one of my friend at my age dh jadi bini orang .. shit .. im getting old and old by days .. but my attitude will never change .. damn it :p .. so i do went to the wedding with mie .. meet alia n fadhlur and nicol n kamarul there :) also some college mate :) and classmate :) damn i feel old .. haha :p anyway reached there a lil bit late coz tersesat .. hahahaha .. bungoks gax :"> owhs .. did i tell u the tema is purple ??

then all the open houses .. went to anith, yana, kak nana, ridza, alia, bobby, rezeki and tinie :) terlalu banyak sampai kene speedin sme .. but one of the best raye kot this year :D hehehehe ..

anyway .. last week kene pegi ke akaun department kejap .. just utk settelkan filing :) ngan alia .. actually alia yang kene pegi .. but then .. ms ling nak another one gurl .. and die ngan excitednye call untuk aku pg sane .. teman die .. shah kat sane .. so sonok gax .. tapi akaun department memang sentiase sunyi .. so bile aku ngn alia kt sane .. jadi keco laks .. keco sangat .. hahahah .. sampai shah pun tensi :p .. what can we do .. we are sooo boring !! hakhakhak

then the annual dinner .. the theme is trendy glamorous n traditional .. well .. memang best .. but x ramai yg ikut tema .. ade yg just pakai glamorous .. ade yg pakai trendy .. xde yg mix of three .. heheheh .. then the king n queen of the night is cheng n pei ean .. seronok when mr vincent cakap

" mostly i want to thankz to all of the three intern .. without them the december filing gonna be tough .. we had a really good one this year .. "

memang terdiam .. sme pandang ke kiteorg .. and we was like .. "erkkkkk .. hehe " tapi bangga .. sape x bangga .. been acknowledge kt depan whole crowd in an annual dinner .. our director pun ade .. siap lepak ngn kiteorg duk borak2 sme .. proud very proud .. we did make MMU proud ;)

pic : us with mr vincent .. mr chee and kak zana :D

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