Sunday, November 25, 2007

its been 6th month !!

yeahs .. its actually already 6 month of practical training .. God .. i cant believe that i can bear the 6 month of hard work with small PAY !! hahahahaha .. but then .. i actually did good ..

well .. if i wanna think back of what i been true .. i can say a LOT !! when first to set foot at YL Chee .. and at Management .. i can say .. its a huge different between the 3 department which is audit, tax n account ..

Account department is full of dicipline .. we didnt talk much .. all we can do is work work n work .. we cant even used the mp3 player while working .. our HOD dont allow it although the director actually give us the permission .. but then i can coupe with it ..

then when i went to tax .. theres this office environment .. which u can hear the photostat machine sound .. the printer .. the busyness .. even we can talk and chat and gossiping .. and even used the MP3 player .. hehehehhe ..

audit department .. all stressed faces .. coz the director office is at audit department .. but then when the bosses is not around .. u can see the admin didnt even do any work .. they were all busy talking and gossiping .. no wonder our bosses really stressed with them .. or i can say is "pure melayu" .. or "akak melayu" .. they dont really like to do the work .. but they want the salary to be paid on time .. the work is not that much .. but tend to asked for higher salary ..

how about us ?? we do wat the permanent staff do .. but then .. did we asked for higher allowances ?? NOPE :)

the internship actually open my mind and my eyes .. YES .. it does .. we can see the NORMAL MALAYSIAN ATTITUDE .. yup .. the jealousy .. backstabbing and all ..

hahahahah .. not only Malays .. but the chinese also had all this backstabbing .. so conclusion .. u cant trust anyone !!! and i mean it ..

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