Thursday, August 06, 2009

4 days review

Monday :

Hmm .. cant recall what did i do .. owhs .. wearing the PB and rasa badan berangin .. Pening kepala and feel like vomitting .. maybe sebab badan ku gastric few days .. so dia kuarkan everything .. comet come for closing and time tuhs dah pucat-pucat muka .. so terus pergi massage .. supposed amik 1hour .. tapi this chinese girl tau badan banyak angin .. belakang badan jer nak 45min dia urut .. so extend to 1 and half hour..

Tuesday :

Woke up coz ada orang hantar hadiah pagi-pagi .. I got a GPS Navigator .. The one that i help for Shell tuhs passed everything and gave me a GPS .. i ask for it tho :) hahahahahhaha ..

Its a cool GPS as dia tunjuk realistic junction View :)

This is the example of what the GPS will show :D

Nothing much happen ... Buat kerja and jumpa alya .. and hang out :)

Wednesday :

Sleep at 2am woke up at 7.45am .. Siap-siap ada meeting with Ketua Polis Selangor .. All central shell dealers .. so .. ada sesi soal jawab .. Quite interesting coz banyak soalan-soalan yang membidas Polis and Shell :p Seperti pasar pun ada :p

Meeting end at 1pm .. Jumpa orang Xtend Security tanya bout Silent Alarm .. But im interested with Silent Alarm @ Panic Button for Private .. besar remote control .. RM 390 *refundable* and RM 75 permonth .. Interesting .. Boleh jadi handphone .. U tekan SOS will straight call the centre and they will locate u thru GPS .. if let say kene culik ke apa ke .. they can locate u anywhere ..

If let say handbag kene ragut .. and the alarm in the bag .. u can call the centre can locate mane derang .. and can contact the Polis .. cool kan ??

And thought of asking ma to put the silent alarm at home .. for security purposed ..

then rush to Tiraz meet Fizal for my SIY and buat kerja.

Class lecturer takda as we only need to watch a video .. assignment will be based on that ..

Beepee and Shamesh came back after break and said result dah kuar which I said they are lying coz before that check xde pun :p .. Siap beepee nak cakap Sumpah dah keluar .. hahahahha ..

So bukak online and check Student Info .. memang dah ada .. Terkejut .. Bangga .. then marah-marah .. Tak puas atie my Acc only got B+ coz in mid term im highest in class and memang sumpah i can do the final ..

Bebudak Iran time mid term teruk gila .. and final meniru and duk bercakap bolah dapat A .. how come ?? i know why .. coz i sound lecturer cakap cara dia ajar salah .. since then dia macam anti gila babeng !! and first day pun dia macam x berapa suka coz i said im a Bach Acc graduate and having my old business .. dia dah memang pandang rendah and duk macam nak cakap im stupid something like that ..

I was sooo pissed off .. Walaupun CGPA 3.71 ... Comet cakap u should be happy coz time final exam xde la study mana pun .. and GILA dengan CGPA tuh .. i said memang happy .. cuma pissed of with Accounting .. Coz sangat tak masuk akal .. drive balik semalam macam nak nangis gila ..

Tell ma .. dia senyum jer .. but i said tak masuk akal .. Ma cakap tak pa la .. lepas nie x payah dengan lecturer tu lagi .. Memang pissed off gila !!!!!!! :(

Thursday :

Kul 8pagi auntie fauzana call telling me about her staff .. bergaduh .. aiyoo .. i slept at 3am .. sambil dengar sambil terlelap .. hahahah .. sian auntie .. will call her back later .. but i know what happen .. coz i can multi tasking *sleeping while sms* *talking and sleeping* at the same time :p hahahahahhahaha

Then sampai Tiraz ma ajak cari birthday present afie .. Me spent 1k for afie present .. A wrislet and slingbag Coach .. ma spent 2k+ for her Thomas Sabo necklace .. Her birthday this 8.8.09 .. Its ok .. kami memang bagi hadiah awal :p while take pic later ..

And i got 2 Thomas Sabo charm from ma .. since kerja memang tak dapat apa-apa or ask anything .. kalau takda duit pun .. cover sendiri je la .. So when she said she want to pay for the charm memang terkejut .. hehehhe :) my thomas sabo nie .. only this 2 charm dia beli .. lain sendirian berhad :p

Afie's present .. from me and ma .. hahahah .. bag jer over k :)

Now im still at the office .. Ma suruh balik awal ada customer nak datang ..

and today is



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