Friday, August 14, 2009


This one whole week is actually a very tiring one ..

Monday i had a RON 95 course .. RON 95 is the new fuel that been introduced by our government to take over Super that u guys been paying RM 1.80 per litre now..

I know once 1st September is coming .. There would be alot of trouble for us ..

One of it is that .. Many would ask us about this new fuel and keep on asking if their car can use it?

1. The difference between Super and Unleaded 95 is the RON .. Super had a RON 97 and Unleaded 95 has a RON 95 ..
2. Which means the grade is LOWER
3. Which means it will be CHEAPER
4. Cost at RM 1.75 *for now* and as what i know, the price for Super will be increased to RM 2.00 this 1st Sept ..
5. Most of the car can use Unleaded 95 @ RON 95 .. want to know about urs check ur car manual ..
6. Even my devil can use RON 95 :)
7. A headache to me as the 31st August night we will need to change ourselves the sticker and so on ..
8. To ask our staff to know how to answer all about RON 95

Then after the course, rush to cyberjaya for class ..

This week i actually slept at 2-3am and woke up at 7.45am and rush to Tiraz or security ..

And abah pulak main badminton and sakit pinggang :p

So this past two night i had to do closing for both station ..

Dah beli Twenties Girl .. Nice BOOK ! heeee ;)

Bile buku best dah jadi habit ngantuk macam mana pun akan baca at least a chapter before tido ..

Beli on Sunday and now nearly done it ++ my busy schedule++ my work ++ my class :p

Owhs .. on tuesday pun ada Kutu .. so pergi Shah Alam and meet my mum friend .. my mum xde tho ..

Awkward !!!!

But nasib baik alya ada teman .. heeee ~~

Coz im late after meeting that day .. so ingat nak hantar cheque and headed to some place for lunch .. but yang dapat nie auntie Nik Yah and Nik Nah which quite closed to me .. tak bagi !! heee ~~

Keep on "Wanie order makan k .. nak makan apa order jer .. its ok .. Nanti auntie bayar" .

So tengok alya .. and cam .. have to la .. so kami makan dengan lahapnya kerana sesungguhnya sangat la LAPAR !! hahahhahahahahaha

Lepas makan we were sooooooooooo FULL !!!!

then rush to Kelana Jaya meeting Kak Zana .. alhamdulillah .. anak dia dah ok after the operation at IJN .. she's doing well and sooo active .. from 17 biji ubat per day to 1 jer .. GOOOD kan? :D im sooo thankful ..

Semalam pulak makan at Bubba Gump pyramid .. first time .. erm .. So-So? heee ~ :D

Ma bought me sometimes from her trip ;) will post about it later !!

So bling-bling and DIVA ..


hahahahahha :D

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