Monday, August 24, 2009

Dear Friends

Starting now, most of Shell station has been convert their FUEL to Unleaded 95 ..

Minyak hijau yang u guys pakai before is Super 97 ..

Do take note on this as when u guys fill ur petrol, the cashier will ask which fuel u prefer ..

Here i put up some note so that u guys can know ..

The difference is only on the RON
DO check ur car manual @ mechanic
Most car in Malaysia can use RON 95 *Unleaded 95*
Even my car can use Unleaded 95
By 1st September, Super 97 price will be increased .. RM 2.00 maybe !

Most of shell station still using the same colour of nozzle which is Red and Green. Some of the RED nozzle is not V-Power anymore but Super 97, And the Green is Unleaded 95.

They will change it to Yellow and Green after this when all of the problem settled and the conversion is done ..

Hope this can be much info to u guys .. anything u can ask me :) thru email or comment :)


naddy said...

errr so now kena pakai which one?

CikChelsea said...

thanxxx wanny for the info
i mmg pengguna setia shell (sbb nk collect point bonus card ahahah)

errr, i mmg haraamm la tatau langsung psl minyak2 nhe kn, just nk tau ada beza ke those 2 yg u mention?

a r n i said...

tadi isi super 97 harga dia rm1.95 hehehe.

Shaira said...

Wanie, kalau keta I pakai yg mana?

waNny said...

naddy: depends on ur car .. check manual kereta tuhs :)

cc: beza just ron .. so meaning grade skit la .. but most malaysia car supposed to used 95 nyer ..

Arni : erks .. u isi kt ner? supposed rm 1.80 .. kalau Unleaded 95 patut cuma rm 1.75 ..

Shy : hehe .. try ask ur mechanic or check car manual :) supposed to be ok with unleaded 95 nie :)

Shaira said...

Nanti gi check dgn Ah Seng, mechanic kat Shell you je, huhu. Wokey boss! Thank you :D

waNny said...

shy .. ahahahha .. kat ah seng ek u anta kete .. hehehehe .. ok ok ;)