Saturday, September 05, 2009

Breakfast at Mines Resort

From the 1st of Ramadhan bobby dah call to plan for our buka puasa :p
Memula dia plan nak on first week of puasa
But of coz me and alia tak setuju as that the time with family
So i booked today at 4th September :)

Me, Alia and Comet arrived quite late but typo was the earliest .. hahaha
Then bobby and shah
By the time kami sampai memang sedang elok buka puasa ..
So straight to buffet and bukak puasa
Nasib baik this year tak seramai last year
and meja pun tak banyak
so agak selesa and x kene beratur :p

The food is good !! the dessert pun sangat sedap :p

After Mines Resort kami straight ke Sunway for Starbucks
Except for Comet coz dia nye jaw bengkak so its hard for him to talk and eat ..
After buka puasa dia straight home and have a nap ..

At Sunway .. we were having a BLAST !!!
Talk, laugh, talk, kutuk'ing, laughing again
and not to FORGET
Making plans for our next outing and also vacation !!
Cant wait for NOVEMBER :)
Hope boleh jadi kenyataan ..
If it is .. that means early honeymoon for me n comet?

If the vaccay jadi .. comet kene cari new honeymoon spot !

And the next vaccay after this one will be on April@May
Owhs .. soo happy !! :D

Missed u guys :) if only boy were here tonight ,, it would be perfect !!


Aziatty said...

oh vacation x ajak

waNny said...

hahahaha .. ntah jadi ntah tak :D