Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bye Bye My Little One

Around 830 am Gucci woke me up ..

She started to cry and all ..

Nafas dah tercungap-cungap ..

I duk peluk and cium and usap her all the time ..

Till she breath for the last time at around 9.30am ..

The exact time Ma was calling me from Hatyaii ..

I can't tell her through the phone what happen ..

So i just said ok and all coz she ask me to call her that Thailand number if anything happen ..

My right shoulder hurt so much ..

Coz time tido she want me to be really near to her ..

Peluk dia and all ..

And keep on usap dia ..

Till her last breath ..

I think it really hurt soo much ..

Coz dia keep on crying waktu tuhs ..

And she tried to walk and put her head at me ..

At the same time dia keep on kencing ..

So i need to change the tissue every now and then ..

Its hard to watch her die ..

For 1 hour trying to fight for her life ..

She end up loss ..

 Dear lil one .. U will always be missed .. 


CikChelsea said...

condolence to your loss...i tak tau la cmne feeling bila kucing mati sbb i tak prnh bela kucing (alergi dgn bulu-bulu haiwan)

few months back my fren pon ada 'kehilangan' kucing sbb accident. dia nanges gile2, smpi bengkak mata. i tak phm nape dia blh nanges smpi cmtu sekali. but then, bila baca ur post...boleh 'rasa' jugak la prsn sedih tu

bila bela kucing cmne eh prsn sayang kat kucing tu? couldn't imagine T____T

nway, takziah sekali lg

waNny said...

Cik Chelsea: If dia mati accident slalu nye laju je die nye last breath .. this one u bayangkan .. Last nite around 11pm dia dah tercungap2 .. then dia fight and live till 830 baru tercungap2 ..

bayangkan .. bila dia datang kat you and tarik baju you .. ngan mata dia .. dia just nak tengok muka you jer time dah nak mati tuhs .. lagi sedih ..

kalau tak nampak macam mana dia nye last breath .. nak kata sedih x la teruk sangat .. nie i saw everthing .. for ONE HOUR .. dia duk nangis2 .. duk tarik baju ..

Bila pikir memang betul la kucing ada 9 nyawa coz bila dah last breath dia stop .. dia ada lagi macam 3-4 kali keadaan nyawa kene tarik .. baru dia gone for good

thanks for you condolence :)

naddy said...

sorry to hear abt gucci....

Nana said...

Dear dear Wanny,

Sorry to hear about your loss dear! I am sure its very painful! I can't imagine your loss. I pun love cats jugak! :( hope you'll feel better soon.

waNny said...

naddy: thanks .. walaupun i rasa dia dah x sakit .. but deep down inside bila cakap pasal dia mesti sebak .. tapi try not to show other people. :)

nana : thanks nana .. my bf tanya nak peganti ke ? i said no one can replace her for now .. baik i just jaga my coco and simba jer .. x dapat terima lagi ..

Shaira said...


waNny said...


Aida Narina said...

Wanny dearie, i hope u are strong to go through this stage. I've been wanting to leave a comment on ur previous post, but the internet connection at home was sooo slow, and now i am at grandma's house, i can do it quick :).

I hope u don't mind letting me share what I've experienced. Actually 2-3 weeks before, a friend of my found a cat with half-paralyzed body just next to a bank. One of the lady who owned a shop told my friend that the cat was fine 2 days earlier and started acting differently the day before. The legs can't moved and the most important thing, the muscles used to poo-poo pun is not working. I'm terribly sad looking at the cat.

My friend A, rushed to the vet after he had found the cat and the doctor said that the cat probably had been beaten by someone or had gone through an accident so that it involved the spine and it's hard to recover. Then doctor have given 2 jabs just to calm her and to increase the level of antibody.

So my friend A, thought that, the cat will be paralyzed throughout her life. But unfortunately she died 2 days after the incident not-knowing the reason her being paralyzed.

You know what, you have been a good person to Gucci. I believed that God has His own reason, and yang penting, He knew who has been taking care of Gucci and done good things for her :). U take care :)


s u r a y a said...


waNny said...

aida: that what happen to Gucci .. not knowing apa yang buat dia paralyzed and the doctor said nothing can be done the next day i came back .. thanks dear

sue : :( still sedih skrg nie .. duk tengok series pun cam ingat dia ada datang kat belakang kita :(