Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My Hai-O

Yup .. i baru join Hai-O i can say a month .. and today nampak keratan akhbar ni kat paper .. so terus scan.. :)

Hope i will get better in this business .. and do well ..

Really trying to be the best of me :)


Dilla said...

masa u ckp pasal marketing kat i aritu.. i da teka da hai-o.. egegege... syg ku.. ive tried before with other things like zhulian and amway(network 21) but my circle of network x berapa willing so i failed miserably..huhuhu

waNny said...

hahahha .. this different coz the only way for ur upline to naik is to bring u together ..

if u x perform good .. upline pun x kemana .. and it more on teamwork ..

that what make it best :D

SyaZaNa said...

yesza....seriously la babe...really enjoy running this hai-o thingy...really felt the difference..come la fadh...let join us...yey!!