Friday, September 11, 2009

Gucci .. Do fight !!

Remember her ??


well ..

She's not well now ..

She's fighting for her life ..

Seriously I dont know what happen ..

On Wednesday i came home and afie told me she sprain her front leg.

Its normal for a cat to be that way

Then yesterday she seem to be sleeeping all day long ..

She cant walk at all !!

and i thought it is normal and she's not feeling well

but then .. after breakfast .. it seem that kaki belakang dia macam patah ..

i was soooo shocked

running upstair change my pants ..took the tudung and bring her to the vet with afie

the doc was shocked .. what happen and all 

she a stay at home cat .. the possibility to get hit by a car is only like 0.01%

Then the doctor said its a good news as her nerve system still can detect the pain ..

So she got two jab .. for her spine and her bruises

I had to come again today ..

Today when i went to the doctor i thought she's going to be OK 

but then .. 

The doc said its a bad news as in a night 

Gucci both front feet @ paw start to swollen - last night only one feet 

and her nerve system cant detect any pain .. although the doc gave soo much pressure

The doc say the chances for her to live is slim 

And he gave her another 2 jab and an antibiotic

Now she's downstairs resting and only can drink 

She cant even ate anything !!!!

Gosh .. i dont know how many times i cried today ..


blackrosemilia said...

sabar dear.. so sorry for u..GUCCI FIGHTO!!

aritlia said...

im praying as well

waNny said...

emi : thanks .. now memang die xleh jalan .. but then die kuat gax utk bagun dan heret diri sendiri ..

alya : huhuh .. sorry ko terpaksa tengok all the cerekarama kat umah aku today .. huhuh .. the side of me that u never see before kan? :)

Shaira said...

Waaaa sedihnye, I hope she will be ok, she is strong, just like my cat dulu, but in the end, she's gone :(

I hope Gucci is a fighter ;)

Pray for her, Amin.

waNny said...

gucci also loss shy .. :(