Monday, August 09, 2010

Buang Tebiat?

I want to buy this ..

HAhahahahhaha !!!

Ok .. its not for rempit-ing ok !

I wanted to start playing go-cart


Me and bobby has start to plan our outing after raya

We want to play go-cart

but then

he say "lets buy a helmet dulu.. baru cool" hahaha .. WTF :p

At first he say he dont want to play right after raya

then i say "ok .. i go and play by myself first " *ermm .. somehow the sentence sound pelik*

Then he say "cannot .. i want to race with u"

Hahahha .. so kami on bebetul after raya


happy mode :D

cepat la raya .. bukan nak raya pun .. nak main go-cart

p/s: en bobby .. sila carikan helmet ini utk saya .. yes . i want the exact one .. dia ada buttefly .. baru cute ;)

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