Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ga-teaux Cake

Milk Chocolate Nutty Praline Cake - RM80
- 9" D round.
- 3 layers white cake.
- Hazelnuts and praline filling.
- Milk chocolate frosting.
chocolate rice krispies optional. (decoration only)

So i was browsing through the website *after trying to find it like forever*

And i found this cake

Boleh tak dengan tengok je dah dapat rasa how it will taste like

Saiko kan?

Padahal x pernah rasa pun

But i does look yummy ...

Can i have this cake for my birthday?

My so-called-hoping-it would be last birthday as a single lady :)

Its from this LINK


aritlia said...

insyaAllah we will grant that wish..

waNny said...

hahahhaa .. which wish dear?