Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I can say im a hot tempered person

But ....

CUma akan jadi bila dah terasa terlampau di pijak kepala

Atau bak kata comet "terkena dengan BITCHES"

But i did not yell nor scream to them

I gave them what i think the best and right things that they deserve

So in other words

I hold grudges

and yes

SANGAT teruk sifat dendam itu

Some people who knew will be shock with the list of dendam that i had


MAna yang buat i terasa and sakit hati

There's one in particular which occur recently

Someone say she is embarrassed to be with me and walk with me coz I'm fat

yes .. a SHE

but then .. she tend to ask me go here and there with her

which i couldnt say NO

and today

She want to walk and hold my hand at the same time

which make me irritated


i feel irritated

and yes

a lot of dendam is actually to her

but i just have to keep it for the time being dont i ?

Comet wouldnt dare to make me mad or terasa

coz he know how bad i can be

nasib baik die dpt terima i as who i am :)

and thanks for being there too

i know i cant count on anyone else except u

and i hope it be that way till we get old :)


s u r a y a said...

u can count on me! kekeke

kita lagi malu nak jalan tepi org tu sebab muka tembok kannn kann

schmellow said...

aww so sweet

nicolred said...

malu jalan sama sbb gemuk? erk
ckp gn SHE~
GTH! haha

waNny said...

sue: hahahahahha .. kan .. haihs. stress serious

mimi: who sweet? comet eh? :p

nicol: hahahaha .. i wish i can say that :)

moi said...

i sudi jln dgn u. ANYTIME! :D

ixoratasha said...

macam tu punya prangai pun ada eh, pathetic sungguh.

i more or less ada perangai tu.

jgn simpan lama2 babe..i tak suka marah org so i simpan..BUT u kena let it out, mengadu or wut kat comet ke ur lil sis ke sebab nanti bila dah penuh lagi teruk u mengamuk sebab tak boleh handle dah dalam hati..seksa ooo..

waNny said...

eita: lets walk together-gether :D

julia: yups.. slalu i mengadu kt comet la.tu je yg boleh buat pun.n die leh gelakkan je org tu. :)