Wednesday, September 01, 2010


My mum supposed to go on a holiday to China this October

Then its seems like the trip is canceled

And i wanted to go to singapore for my Birthday with Afie

But then my mum want to make a trip to vietnam with me in October too!

Which the purposed is to buy few things for my wedding


There goes

i actually say MY WEDDING


Serious for the past month I've been reluctant to say that I'm getting married

It seems afie and Ma much much more excited than me

Ma keep on saying "owh.anak i nak kawin next year. yg tu"

And afie keep on "Bila kakak kawin.. bila kakak kawin"


i will go "insyallah kawin .. jadi ke tak kawin nie wei? "

at the same time doing the things for reception


untuk reception buat weh

utk diri sendiri x buat apa ag


I NEED to KURUS *of coz -_- *

I NEED to go for SPA

I NEED a consistent MANICURE n PADICURE so that tangan nampak cantik time picture *perlu ke?*

I NEED to buy the kain for other reception -_-

I NEED to finalized the color for other reception *_* *kuasa veto disitu*

I NEED "the IT shoe" *nak gi singapore~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

I NEED to do hair rebonding .. *motif?* - this 22 sept buat. hahahaha ..


I NEED .......................

Continue later

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