Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lucky enuff

so i was talking to my cousin

then she asked me about comet

i told her about him this and that

then tetiba dia cakap

"you are soo lucky to have him"

and i go "huhs??"

then dia cakap

"dia leh teman you shopping. teman you main go-kart. ikut you wherever you want to go. urut you bila you sakit. tolong buat kueh. close ngan your family. boleh bawak diri dengan your family. what more you want? he's a catch.i like him a LOT. who doesn't? "

and i terdiam

yes. he never complaint bila i ajak dia pergi mana2

even on short notice

he never complaint bila i merungut

he never complaint bila i marah-marah

how lucky am i to get him in my life?

yes. in term of financial dia memang x ada yet!. but then. its not that he did not try his best kan?

i know what he went thru

so thats why we came up with another project

and i can see this one is 80% ON

waiting for my cousin from Johore to come to KL

we will have a look at putra height

and will start our project as soon as possible

when this happen

comet will get out from the house he's staying and will stay in my house at putra height

kira dia rasmikan dulu

boleh x?

itu adalah rumah for me and him

tapi die rasmikan dulu

hahahahah tsk

my mum ask me to be one of the shareholder

i said im ok with it

the name of company i already come up with

and one of my cousin ok with it

wait for another cousin to approve

my mum ok with the name

now need to come up with the design, the LOGO etc etc

owhs im excited.

i wanted to be one of the shareholder but comet will handle that business for me :)

well.. we are lucky to have each other dont we?


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