Sunday, January 25, 2009

Energy Drink

Which energy drink is the best ??

I've tried Sting ..

and i remember i need to drink like 5-6 bottle of Sting to help me stay awake .. The day that i drove from Dungun to KL .. me,afie and comet went to Perhentian ..

I've tried Livita ..

1st time Nicol bagi .. coz i was sleeping time kat USM .. pergi for Accounting nye ape ntah .. and ITS SUCKS !! hahahaha .. mereka cerita tentang kerjaya sumtin like that .. i just dont know coz .. i was sleeping 2/3 of the time :p

And livita ok jugak ..

I've tried livita honey ..

Not that Good ..

I've tried Red BUll ..

SUCKS .. not helping at all ..

Pearl Kacip Fatimah ??

Erksss ... Tak leh nak masuk pun .. nak muntah .. *sorry .. just not the taste that i like*

Owhs .. anything that can make me awake ??

Im seriusly in need of energy ..

Any suggestion ???


dYnA said...

Ape kate try herbalife tea.
Smlm gatal minum at night till 3am terbeliak mata ku.

Aziatty said...

i think u dh low stamina.
why dun u exercise a bit ker
long time no see budak bucuk
we must meet up together dgn aemon
at my new cafe ofcourse

waNny said...

dyna ; i slalu minum HL tea .. not working .. boleh tido terus .. hehehe

waNny said...

azie : i think so la .. maybe start next week i main futsal everyweek ;)

tuhs laa .. will do try to find the time :) nanti tanye aemon ;)

Shaira said...

Wanie, Livita is still the best la, but without honey. It helps to keep me awake...

But I'd still prefer HL tea, aktif trus, huhu.

waNny said...

tuhs la shy .. i ok minum Livita biasa ..

teh HL nie .. ntah .. i still nak tido gax .. heheheheheh

dYnA said...

nK jOin LepAk nGn eaMoN!
HiHi...wAnnA chEck ouT aZi nEw cAfe jugAks!

it's bEen yeAr x juMpa koRg!

waNny said...

hahaha ..

aemon kata nak gi tomoro ..

tapi i ada hal .. so cannot .. hehehe