Friday, January 02, 2009

Jang called me as early as 7.30 in the morning ..
I had to reject the call as i only slept at 3 ..
The New Moon is just totally out of it .. i just cant put it down since i start ..
Start at 7pm .. and stop for dinner ..
Then sambung balik .. n stop for check email etc ..
By 2am .. dah baca half of the book ..
Had to put it as far as i can time tidur ..
Coz i know .. if not .. i will absolutely continue reading .. hehehe
And my mind was not at ease at ALL !!!!!
Tidur jer terjaga .. then macam terus nak sambung baca ..
Edward CULLEN :D

Then .. Jang sms told me dah sampai Heathrow ..
So i said .. OK .. we'll meet later ..
Around 10am .. he call me again ..
Kena la angkat kan :p kalau tak kecik hati member ..
So cakap will meet up around 2pm ..
Tempat asyik bertukar ..
End up ke Oxford Street jugaa .. heh!

We had lunch .. then jalan ke Selfridges ..
Cuci mata ..
Jang bought something for *ehen*
Me gonna be Santa Rina :p hahahah
Then lepak kat Starbucks ..
Before cross the road .. Jumpa satu makcik nie ..
Thought dia nak mintak derma ..
But then muka die dah macam nak nangis ..
Tunjuk phone number . as us to call her daughter ..
And said her mother waiting ..
So kesian .. alia pun call ..
But anak die tak angkat ..
So text her ..

Lepas dah setel .. terus lepak starbucks ..
Which agak lama juga ..
coz we been talking and duk gelak2 ..
with all the stupid jokes ..
yang Secara sengaja mahupun tidak ..

Then .. i bought another book !!
As i said .. by tomoro i will read the Eclipse ..
So .. maybe sampai rumah ..
Mahu start baca yang INI !!
hehe :D

p/s: Its nice to meet someone that familiar :) .. heheheh .. And Alya can had a new friend for another 2 month perhaps? :p

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