Saturday, January 03, 2009

Last Day

By the time this post is publish ..
I will be on my way HOME :D

I enjoyed staying here in London
The hospitality the best

Abang Ashraf - thanks for driving us around and letting me stay here through out this 3 weeks .. and thanks for the Christmas Lunch .. ur Roasted Turkey the best !! :D heheh .. boleh challenge Jamie Oliver :p *did i spell it correctly?*

Kak In - Thanks for everything and the planned for the best trip ever *boxing day :p* and letting me stay :D .. and kejut us bangun at 2.30am in the morning for Next SALES ! hehehehhehehehe .. and thanks for letting us stay ..

Kak Ip - thanks for being our tour guide in Paris .. without u .. CONFIRM me and alia dont know what to do and SESAT and nangis tengah jalan .. hehehehhe .. and letting us stay here tooo :D .. maybe next time visiting Paris .. we really should go in the summer la kannn .. like what u said .. hehehehe

Alia - Thanks for jadi our tour guide .. our MUMMY .. helping packing our bag and all .. hehehehe .. gonna miss u dearly .. thanks coz sabar with our perangai .. dengan tak mau tengok all the park .. and tak mau tengok all the Big Ben .. and only know and want to shop .. shop.. and shop :D heheheheh ..

Akilah - U r a lil angel ;) .. Auntie wanie gonna missed u tooo :*

Owh .. im gonna missed my stay here .. *sob..sob*


CikChelsea said...

wanny..pls upload lotsa2 pichasss k...adeiiii syoknyerr g holiday :D

nway, welcome 'home' dear..hihih;)

waNny said...

cik chealsea ..

picca i sme kat my fren .. waiting for her to email me ..

need xtra memory card for my camera .. ehehhehe

or new camera perhaps ? hehehe