Friday, June 26, 2009

Al-Fatihah M.J

This two VC is the one that I LOVE THE MOST FROM MJ .. But for black or white .. i cant find his official VC to embed here .. Its very cute with McCaulay Culkin .. *did i spell it correctly?*

And this song .. someone dedicated it to me back in 2001 :) and really try to make me dance with him at the prom night .. Such a sweetie .. but it did not last long .. We still friend tho :)


Mrs LVoe said...

Video Remember The Time tu mmg cool!

waNny said...

hehehe .. tuhs la .. tadi i tunjuk to my sis .. dia cam blur je tgk .. hehhehe .. kate lahir tahun 1995 .. mane tau video MJ yg sangat la lama :p lagu 5min .. movie 5min .. vid die mesti lebih dr 10min .. heheheh