Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Retailer Recruitment Evaluation

On monday i went for the RRE course .. RRE nie untuk sesiapa yang nak jadi new Shell dealer or taking over a Shell station ..

So .. as on monday itself im not feeling well .. Dari pukul 10.30 i had a severe headache and by 4.30pm i dah start pening and i amik some rest kat surau .. Sleep for 45minutes and continue with the course ..

So semalam i been posted at Putrajaya Shell Station for 2 day *semalam and today* ..

Agak ok pada awal2 pagi but after lunch .. it start again .. rasa LOYA and x sedap badan .. End up i took another 30min break from work .. bila dah sedar .. terus kerja balik .. but then i had to run to toilet every now and then to vomit ..

Awal2 x berjaya .. then bila dah vomit .. i kene pegi toilet 3x just to vomit .. And time tuhs our evaluator datang .. dia nampak .. and had to call her boss and my TM to ask me to withdraw .. coz im not fit enough ..

So .. at 6pm after 9 hours at the station .. i called them and derang ckp i have to withdraw .. awal2 tak paham jugak la why .. so bila i call the evaluator .. dia explain to me .. dia cakap orang shell semua kenal i and now i can do better .. bila mcm nie .. u r not on ur physical best .. masuk balik next month and give us ur physical best coz if fail .. it will be another 2 years baru u boleh try untuk kursus nie balik ..

Dia cakap walaupun i tak sehat .. i still show that im capable of doing the job so dia cakap .. i wont be fail la .. tapi .. if let say i pass and ada yang fail .. they will pertikaikan kenapa i boleh pass padahal i ada take some time off sebab x sehat tapi derang fail walaupun selalu kat situ ..

So terpaksa la terima and will jadi forecourt crew next month .. hoping for putrajaya again la .. coz i tahu kawasan situ and mana nak makan .. hahahah :p

Semalam balik dari sana .. my parent datang amik coz derang takot nak bagi i drive .. aiyooo .. malu OKE ! so terus pergi jumpa doctor and dapat ubat Gastrick, Muntah and Energy ..

Hope lepas nie ok la :)

Till then ..


Mrs LVoe said...

get well soon dear

waNny said...

thank you sha :)

Anonymous said...

Salam wanny , nak minta tips sikit utk pass RRE exam tu blh x ,,,,next week kena attend class tu...nizam 0126737558...moga diberkatii....