Saturday, December 12, 2009

Back Home

So on thursday morning .. have our morning flight to Kota Bharu .. thot of having breakfast kt KLIA.. tapi tak sempat

sampai jer KB .. we went for roti canai first :p

then straight to Kedai Songket Haji Idris *cousin my mum punya*

we bought like 6 sampin, 2 songket. I order another one set of songket blue in colour coz suka kain dia .. tapi dia x buat sepasang .. hahahahahahah .. so auntie tu cakap "xpe .. auntie buat sepasang for u" YEAY!!

then .. we bought 4 batik cred and baju batik for my dad pun dekat 6 ..

total lost : 8k

Samping RM 1500 .. we get for only RM 750

songket sepasang for baju kurung RM 1200 - 1500 .. we only get RM 500 :p

Batik crid rm 400 . we got for RM 200 ;)

so lepas tu straight to Golok ..

kawan my mum nak beli barang2 dulu .. so kiteorg join her first ..

then to my uncle house ..

lepak2 kejap .. we go for dinner

makan nearly 10 people only for RM 120 .. hahahahahah

then ke rumah another cousin ..

after that me,afie and Kak Ala *my cousin* pergi karaoke ..

2 and half hour for rm 75 :p

owhs . before that we went for a Lonchoi ke Longso ke ape ntah nama

which .. dia bakar fishball, sotong ball, chicken ball and etc

and ate with their spicy souce :D

ooooo .. memang kami banyak makan :p

The next day i woke up quite late coz makan zyrtec :p

then bangun2 jer terus pegi jalan2

and had our lunch

steambot bakar

hahahha .. pelik ?? steambot pun ada .. and boleh bakar gak ..

makan ngan sos derang :D

then .. we all balik rumah my uncle ajak pergi makan roti pakistan

kat another cousin ..

KECO .. serius .. ahhahahahaha

after dah makan .. we all balik lepak rumah ..

serius ngantok .. but then coz ada ag orang datang

so end up .. x tertido

i ajak my cousin and sis pegi makan the fishball bakar again .. hahahaha

then .. my cousin order Pulut with Ayam Goreng

serius banyak gila makan ..

As today laks ..

bangun2 makan roti tempayan *pakistan nye roti juga*

then my auntie masak sup and daging masak merah ..

her cooking is MARVELOUS !!!!!!

then .. we all pulang ke KB ..

sampai KB pergi Kedai songket balik as my mum nak amik all the songket

and pergi Pantai Cahaya Bulan eat the Fishball,udang,ketam goreng tepung with sos kacang ..

nyum nyum ..



p/s: the last post is actually a post where i thought of what happen before .. takda rasa kecik hati or marah .. just when i think back .. i sacrifices sooo much .. thats all :D no worries peepz ! :D


Alia Ibrahim said...

sedapppp kan fishball bakar2 tu..
last time alia makan dkat perlis..
hehhehe... =D

waNny said...

SANGAT !! hahahahahha