Saturday, May 02, 2009


Semalam me and my mum with afie went to Gardens ..

So as usual .. masuk Isetan ..

Afie last month dapat Thomas Sabo ..

So this month ma bagi die add another charm ..

I fall in love with this two charm ..

Will try to buy it next month ..


the price is the same .. RM 358 if im not mistaken .. hehe

ehehehhe ..

So today i went to Gardens again with afie ..

Watch Wolverine The Origin at Signature ..

Before that we had our lunch at Italianese ..

Then after movies we went to Isetan ..

I want to buy one charm for myself .. :) ngehngehngeh

so i bought this one ..

I want one with red .. coz rasa cam cantik jer ..

Nak cari apple .. *kekonon twilight* .. tapi xde

So beli Cherry .. which sama la dengan apple kan :p hahahahahahha

So .. bile add to my collection .. this how it looks like .. mostly is what i am about ..

13 - Is my favorite number
Diamond Ring - I do love diamonds ;)
Bags - Im a bagaholics
Flip Flops - which i rather be wearing :) and i love to wear
Heart - :)

so cherry ............................................. i will put in my mind it's actually an apple :p hahahahahhahah

I bought this last year in Selfridges, London :)


Afieeeeeeeeeeeee ! said...

My box ! :D

waNny said...

U gave it to me !!!!! :p

Nana said...

OoOoOoo nice set of charms .. Memang cute!!

Mrs LVoe said...

nice catch dear

waNny said...

Nana : ahehehe .. thanks nana ..

Sha : Thank you :)

I nak add moreeeeeee :)

Afieeeeeeeeeeeee ! said...

and its still my box ! ;P

joking joking ! :)

Afieeeeeeeeeeeee ! said...

Afie nak yang kedua tuh ! :D
You take the first one :P

waNny said...

Sure .. Then kakak curi je afie nye .. So I got both !! ;)