Wednesday, May 27, 2009


P1WiMax Rocks !!!!!

So semalam YM Fawaz ask him to apply for me P1 .. as die buat something like part timer ..

Coz tooo stressed out with Streamyx coz kawasan Subang now a days asyik kene on off Modem untuk dapatkan line .. kalu tak mesti merah jerrr ..

So coz semalam inform after office hours .. i got my modem today ..

Jadi .. terus test gune lepas balik dari closing kat Tisa ..

Alhamdulillah kat USJ 4 nie die punya line hijau .. thats mean VERY GOOOOD !!!!

So cam nak test la betapa laju P1 nie ..

On 8tv and tengok Ghost ..

Kalu gune streamyx i need to pause so that die buffer and all ..

Gune yang nie .. i just play jer .. tak sangkut apa pun :D

YEAY !!!!!!

laju jerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ~~

Ma selalu tanya "macam mana nanti bila dah lama2 die jadi macam streamyx .. "

I guess it would be .. but just try it selagi boleh nie la kan :)

I took the RM 99 with 2 years contract so that i get the modem FREE !! haahahah :p

kata Accountant .. pikir2 .. what the heck .. amik je la :p

So .. if anyone nak P1 nie .. inform la .. I will tell my friend and he can courier to u :)

Its plug and play :)

Senang jer :p

anyone interested do contact him at



Mrs LVoe said...

PI bagus yea.. camtu leh request nnt. thanks for sharing

waNny said...

sha: agak bagus .. tapi x try download sme ag .. it depends ur location jugak :D hehehehehehhe

yusz` said...

wahhh maukk..!! best nih