Friday, May 08, 2009

I have a confession

Well .. i am a big fan of this one rock band :)

As long as i can remember .. :)

Dulu time kecik2 .. ada karaoke kat rumah ..

When i was in standard 3 .. we had karaoke set in the house :)

And .. i love this song as long as i can remember .. i just dont know when ..

I love the group ..

So Abah will always sing first ..

But he will definitely stop at this one particular song and gave the Mic to me ..

What song u may ask ??

This one :)

Yup .. Abah will definitely gave the mic to me .. dia xkan nyanyi lagu nie .. coz this is my song :) and i will follow the way Amy sang :) dia akan gulungkan sikit wire mic tuhs .. so i will do the same .. but he was so active and sangat ganas while i just peluk diri and sing ;) *the vclip for karaoke tuhs is one of the concert .. not this one of course :) *

Then i fall deeply in love with this song ..

But my heart still belong to Isabella .. that when i keep on asking Ma and Abah why do u guys put my name as Nur Zawani and NOT ISABELLA :) .. and the best part .. Do u guys remember Isabella Movie? Ada satu part die tunjuk Isabella time kecik .. That was my friend .. Sangat-sangat jealous oke time tuhs :P

Then last year on my final year .. YES .. we do love to go for karaoke here and then .. And i will always sing some of Amy song :) yang ada and i can bawak of course :) And i hate people kacau my song :) coz for me .. its MY SONG :) and .. i get to know Pawana after soooo long .. and i feel in LOVE again ..

Everyday time study i will listen to Pawana on REPEAT :) and duk diam sorang2 membaca .. altho alya and nicol will be next to me .. i will be on my own :) and time exam .. i sang Pawana in my mind and headbanging while answering the question .. *but of course la dengan tidak terlalu menunjuk :p *

This is Pawana :)

So .. when i heard Search will do their last concert which is Search Konsert Di Awan Biru .. i told comet i would like to go .. he said he dont really want to coz of course ramai Indonesian ..

For me .. i dont care .. i will buy the most expensive ticket and enjoy the concert of the group that i truly ADORE and LOVE ..

ahhh .. tonight i found my Partner in Crime to go there ..

Kami ingin membeli seluar jeans skinny kaler merah pakai dengan white tee's and white boots*owh ..the boots only me :) *

Owhs .. saya memang peminat ROCK KAPAK .. dont mind me :) it a confession OKE !

how i wish i had the tone of his voice and boleh give that kind of strength to a song :) haihs ...

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