Friday, May 08, 2009

My Fav Song of Erti Pertemuan Album

I think this is another secret .. i had Erti Pertemuan CD *which now dah ilang and im searching for it again !! * And YES !! Erti Pertemuan is the a DAMN GOOD ALBUM ..

Most people will love

Awan Yang Terpilu
Erti PErtemuan

But my FAVORITE is

Breath Again !!

I cried and cried and cried time dengar lagu nie and Bebaskan :)

Have you wondered how it feels when it's all over
Wondered how it feels when you just have to start anew
Never knowing where you're going
When you face a brand new day
It used to be that way
Now I just close my eyes and say

I just want to breathe again
Learn to face the joy and pain
Discover how to laugh a little , cry a little
Live a little more
I just wanna face the day
Forget about the woes of yesterday
Maybe if I hope a little Try a little more
I'll breathe again

Starting out again is never easy
Disappointments come and go but life still moves on
With a bit of luck It's a brand new start
That might just work my way
No need to walk away
Don't want to live on life replay

Things will work out fine
If you can find the courage to look past the night
To see the break of dawn

p/s: did u guys know greys anatomy used this song as one of the soundtrack song :)

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