Friday, May 29, 2009

My Working Hour

Some people would say to me ..

"Apa susah wanie .. ko keje ngan parent ko .. so senang la .. "

"Alaa .. Just tolong parent ..takde la susah mana pun .."

Well .. u see .. for me .. the higher u get .. the toughest the job will be ..

If before im just helping my mum .. Now im working with my mum ..

SO ..

In that case ..

I kene jaga all the staff .. kene handle and take care all the staff .. SHOP, FUELS, BANK ACCOUNT .. even talk to TM's bila ada problem ..

CUSTOMER pun i kene handle ..

Yeahs .. sometime its nice .. but .. its not easy to work under my mum ..

Bila dah sampai station .. i wont leave the Office till lepas my work hour ..

I akan duduk kat station and ask about apa-apa problem .. check toilet .. check belakang .. tengok pump .. and everything ..

Bila takda problem .. memang takde pape .. but once ade problem ..

Macam-macam kene buat ..

And i memang x kuar coz my mum lagi suke i stay here till abis waktu kerja ..

My day will start from 10am @ 11am till 5pm at station

5pm - 10 pm i will be in MMU * plus drive pergi and balik *

And 10 pm - 1230 am kat Shell station tisa for closing ..

I will be home by 1230 .. yes .. and lepak2 .. Mandi .. buat kerja .. assignment .. check email .. FB and all .. and it can goes to 3am .. baru tido ..

And then my day akan macam tuhs balik ..

everyday ..

time takde kelas ..

I will be home at 630pm .. and 730pm i will kuar jumpa my tailor or ada kerja regards to my business ..

then it will absolutely end at 10-1130 pm ..

and i will rush for closing at subang station ..

YES .. something i will be freaking tired ..

And disebabkan antibody yang tak kuat .. selalu demam ..


walaupun PERIOD PAIN and DEMAM ..

i still need to get up and pergi kerja .. and jumpa customer and dealer ..

hehehehehe ..

Thats my life ..

p/s: Bukan nak cakap tak suke dengan hidup .. just rasa sometimes people thought i had a very nice life .. walhal .. i work my ass off .. :)

pp/s: walaupun work my ass off still x dapat beli my Trevi .. hahahahahaha ..

ok .. dah .. xnak ade another ppp/s: :p


Nana said...

OH my dear .. I completely understand what you're going through. My dad ada esso station so dulu I use to work with him. 5 years to be exact. Running a gas station TAKES YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!! Seriously!!!

Anyways you missed out talking about Raya and other celebrations. Even though I don't work for him anymore, I still have to help out during raya and whatever cuti yang ada kat Malaysia tu!

Being here really gave me a breather from all that! Sometimes rindu gaks. But my sisters are running it now!

Hopefully your mom gives you good pay, my dad gives us peanuts hehehe!!! No joke nye! which is why I had to leave :(

waNny said...

nana: haahahha .. its true .. time cuti raya .. i yang jadi cashier .. sakit hati bila orang lain sme tany "dik..x balik ke?"... hahahah .. station ITS OUR LIFE .. :) what to do .. tapi i love both station very much .. thats why i want to take over ..

alhamdulillah quite good pay :) hehehhe .. cume i nie sometime simpan duit .. hahahahahahhah :p

walaupun shopaholic .. still manage to kuatkan iman i nie :)

Nana said...

well my dear, you sound way more mature than I do! Running one station is already crazy enough for me! TWO? forget it! haha!

Pasal raya tu .. sakit hati kan bila org cakap macam tu! rasa macam nak sepak2 muka they all tu! hahaha!!! Kalau kasi simpati takpe gaks .. ni tanya soalan bodoh tu haha memang sakit hati! tapi kena gaks senyum! sigh! susah betul!

I guess I do not have what it takes to run a station. I ni tak leh dok satu tempat punya org hehe! that's why I had to quit! good thing my sisters are willing to take over :D

waNny said...

ahahahah.. tau xpe .. pastu my dad dh gelak2 sebelah i .. siap tanye nak balik ke .. nak je hempuk my dad sekali .. ahahahahaha .. sengal jer die tuhs sumtime ..

its crazy to handle 2 station . but my mum can do it .. so insyallah i can do the same :) lagipun my whole life dah dengan shell nie .. so i tau la selok belok skit .. ehehehhe :)

ur dad nyer esso kt ner? :D

Nana said...

kat sungai besi .. on the highway heading towards south, before desa petaling. dulu sibuk lah because tak banyak highway, now .. not so hectic coz dah banyak highway heading south plus banyak gas station along the way. We've been running that station since 1991 .. lama dah! dah berlapuk dah station tu hehe!

I think they're going to refurbish it this julu kot! not sure yet!

waNny said...

ooooooooooooooooo .. i know that one .. hahah .. i pernah stop beli ayamas dulu-dulu .. hehehehhe .. ic ic :D quite femes tuhs .. hehehehe .. :)