Thursday, April 30, 2009

Age Crisis

Gosh ..

I never feel embarrassed of my freaking age ..

But that particular day .. i do feel OLD ..

this one particular person was trying to be nice..

and with all the normal question ..

Study or working ? - Working

With ? - Shell .. my mum own a shell .. while doing some other business

Owhs .. How old are u ? - Going to be 25 this year ..

And that particular person just look shocked ..

It seems like i said some funny or tak masuk akal thingy ..

Then he asked "Seriously????"

I was like .. YEahs .. why ???

And when the awkward is in the air .. i ask him .. how old are you ..

he just wont tell me ..

OK .. by then i know he must be much much much more younger than me ..

Thats why he just wont tell me how old he is ..

Whats the problem ??

If im not mistaken the girl is sooo damn scared and embarrassed of how old they were.

Haits ..

now i feel OLD ..

Quarter of Century OLD !! :(

i still had another 5month .. ok .. im still 24 ~ ;)


Nana said...

sheessh wanny! you're only 25 hunns!! what lah! if you feel old .. than what does that makes me? ANCIENT? hahahahahhaah! oh well .. you'll see cobwebs in my hair soon enough :P

Dilla said...

ala babe... i rase he was shock because such a young age u manage shell as well as doing site business. such an achievement for 25. in business world, girl you're young!!!

waNny said...

Nana : ahahahahahah .. But time tu mmg sangat2 make me look very the old .. Heheheheeh .. And I'm xtremely busy make me look much more older .. Ehehhehe ..

waNny said...

Fadh: hopefully .. Heheheheh .. Ok positive thinking then :)

Afieeeeeeeeeeeee ! said...

kakak tak old lah ! ;)

waNny said...

Afie : I'm still 11yrs OLDER than you :p

Mrs LVoe said...

double agree with Dilla.

im 31 dear... am i look old ;-) hehehe.. relax la dear. u r still young tau

waNny said...

Sha : hehehehehhehe .. Ok .. Positive thinking balik .. Heheheh