Sunday, April 05, 2009


aiks .. how come kotak nie terbalik ?? hahahahahahahha

First time .. beli heels .. this tall .. for normal use :p i guess :)) hahahahahah

we wait and see la kan :) how it goes ;)

tengok2 nanti berhabuk dalam stor jer ..

So by the time beli this heels .. me and afie buat spring cleaning in store room..

I had to gave away lots lots of sandals and shoes ..

then all of sandal dalam boxes i had to label it accordingly so thats its easier for me to pick :p

When Ma came home .. she was pissed off to see im buying another SHOE :P

Siap kene sound "bukan dah berlambak ke kasut dalam store tuhs "

Ermm .. its only Guess ..

Ok ok .. i know my coach and gucci i dont wear that much now ..

Its a sneaker .. tak tau bila nak pakai ..

Gucci punya pun ade suede .. lagi la sayang ..

So just buat telinga tebal and senyum sajaaa ~~ :)

dah beli pun .. xkan nak return kannnnn ? hakhakhak :p

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