Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bawang Kecil Bawang Besar

Tadi Comet nye pementasan teater kat Putrajaya .. SK Putrajaya 9(2)

Ingat teater start at 10am .. so sampai sana around 9.45am ..

Rupe-rupenye start kul 11am .. so menyangap ah

Dah tau citer tuhs mcm mana as time rehearsal i was there ..

I help them with the cute buah-buahan too ;)

hahahahahha ..

A cute teater i can say ..

Ok for kids ..


Siap mintak autograph ..

heheheh .. Comet love it ;) i know he did :p

Sampai tak sempat melayan die nye number 1 fan :p ehehehehhe

So after teater .. straight balik to work .. haihs .. hate it :(

Anyhoo .. check out some of the cute picca :p heheheheh

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