Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Woke up at 930am .. tapi coz terlampau drowsy from Zyrtec and Panadol .. continue till 1030am ..

banguns .. siap-siap .. pergi kerja .. kul 12pm ada appointment with one future shell dealer asking me some stuff n tips about shell ..

then at 3.30pm runner ke Putrajaya to renew Tiraz PDA .. stop beli wang pos dulu ..

Then .. sampai kat PUtrajaya dah 4.30pm .. haihs .. I hate post office .. sangat lembab ..

Nasib baik KHEDN tak tutup lagi .. so sempat jugak sent the form and everything ..

Bad luck .. printer office tuhs jammed .. benda yang patut 10min siap jadi 30min .. haits ..

Lepas jer setel kerja .. straight to cyber .. pergi Secret Recipe .. late lunch ..

Then klass start at 5pm .. till 10pm ..

Gerak balik to shell .. start kerja balik ..

Tisa close at 12am .. so buat2 keje sampai kul 12.20 ..

I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo NOT in the mood ..

Jadi bawak2 kete jalan2 dulu ..

sampai rumah .. makan supper .. then naik atas ..

Mandi2 .. and now baru jer abis mandi at 1.30am ..

i need to woke up at 5am to catch my flight tomoro ..

will be back on friday ..

gosh .. how hectic life could be after study?


Mrs LVoe said...

im tired too. wish can go home & sleep huhuh

waNny said...

.. Hehehehehe .. How I wish I can sleep .. tadi I tido kul 230 and woke up at 4am .. Sungguh x cukup tido :(

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

superlady la u...hehehhe
if i, mmg confirm dah tertido dlm office...hehehhehe

btw one of "my dream job" since kecik lg was to be a petrol station owner ;p hahahhahahhhaa
so staple kan ;p

waNny said...

Verde : ahaaahahahah .. R u sure u want to be a petrol station owner ?? U will have no life .. And once u jadi petrol station owner, u dah xleh nak vaccay with family ..lain la u have sumone u really trust to take care of the business .. Eheheheheheh

But .. Yg letihnya .. I do another business for my lil sis nye fund .. Tuh yang sumtimes exhausted .. But I still ok la ;))