Saturday, April 18, 2009


Go for simple layout .. heheheh .. too simple kan ?

Not in the mood untuk cari layout yang best2 :p

Anyway .. Semalam ke KLCC

Buy a Gucci Handbag for Dana ;)

hope she likes it ..

Will meet her this Wednesday ..

Alya .. aku nak pergi sana balik ..

u need anything ??

owhs .. Alya keep bugging me to update my blog ..

Sorry laling .. im tooo busy with work,study n business ..

by the time i reach home .. FLAT OUT :)

but u still know what happen and all ;)



nohzhn said...

ok pe layout cani. simple n sng dibace. x yah sarat barat, yg penting visitor sng bc

waNny said...

Hehehehhe ... Betul tuhs bintie .. Heheheheheh

aritlia said...

wa terkene babe!

waNny said...

hehehhe .. lu terkene beb :p hehehehehe