Saturday, April 18, 2009


Dont u guys feel bored with the same thing ?

I mean ..

I do ..

Bosan lalui benda yang sama day in day out ..

Did i tell u guys before comet my longest relationship was only a year and a half ..

now with comet .. its nearly 3 years ..


i need some new sparks ..

Its not that i dont love him ..

but i want a SPARKS ;)

gosh .. i feel like a bitch now :p

so ...

with that ..

i kinda flirting around just now ..

just to have that old feeling ..

to make me happy and have fun ..

well .. i know comet did the same thing ..

so .. i can do the same aite?

i dont know ..

saya memang jenis sangat CEPAT BOSAN ..

hmmmmmmm ..

but as i said ..

this didnt mean i dont LOVE him anymore ..

p/s: do not worry .. he read my blog :) so he will know .. and yeahs .. i do tell him in DETAIL of everything i do .. but i bet he does the same :P u know what i mean ;)

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