Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day Part 1

Woke up at 6.30am .. supposed to woke up at 6am .. tapi terover sleep .. Our drive will be 2hours drive from home ..

So terus siap2 .. By the time keluar it was 815 am .. sampai Oxford 10min before 10am..

The store open at 10am .. just nice .. kami sampai je most kedai dah bukak ..

So sampai je Alia search for toilet .. me and afie to Burberry ..

Then to Anya dulu .. found the beg that i want .. took it on the spot !! :D

Then jalan-jalan .. Dont know apa nak dibeli .. Kesian kat afie .. so masuk Vans ..

She bought another bag ?*againnnn!!!* and another shoes *againnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!*

I bought something for Comet ;)

Then masuk Furla .. bought handbeg n matching purse .. and a clutch :)

Then pegi Bally .. bought sandals for Ma :) birthday present .. Alya bought for herself pumps :D

Then towards Rock Couture .. afie want the Juicy Couture Purse ..

We bought all white today .. Ma nye sandal pun putih .. My anya and furla also white :)

tuhs je kot boxing day kami nye barang .. hehehehehhe :D

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