Saturday, December 13, 2008

Things had been settled for now

I've settled everything before my vacation ..

Semalam send the registration form for my MBA .. hoping to get a positive reply .. *Doa-doa kan yekkkk*

Today .. beli baju sekolah afie ...

Siap-siap packing sekali for me n afie's trip ..

Will be gone from 15th Dec till 3rd Jan 09 ;) *doa-doakan safe journey yeahs :) *

I really like that coat .. tapi cam mahal laks .. so beli yang much more cheaper and can wear in our country with this kind of weather ..

I guess i will try to buy a trench coat .. ape salahnyee kite pakai trench coat kan ? coz trench coat nie if im not mistaken mostly people will wear time hujan :) so Malaysia kan selalu jee hujan ...

Belum settle the shoe's that Comet want .. that spike .. need to check another web ..

The money kami bawak .. hope will be enough .. mesti alia cakap more than enough .. hahahhaha ..

I hope i can adapt their weather ;) and had a really fun vacation .. and no flu's and fever !! :D

The tudung stuff mostly has sold out .. tinggal pun cam sikit2 je lagi :) hopefully by the time i get back .. dah tinggal bebetul sikit .. so that we can buy a new stock ;)

My customer .. do not worry .. as i will be checking my email on my vacation and comet will inform my mum which one do u guys want ;)

I put up some picca of the tudung HERE .. do check it out :)


Shaira said...

Enjoy your trip. Don't forget to visit historical places too, it will be fun ;)

waNny said...

thanks shaira .. i will :D heheheh

Diamilikku said...

happy holiday...

waNny said...

thanks kak sue :D