Friday, December 12, 2008


SO .. lepas sangat la busy with work n kursus and boutique .. on thursday baru boleh tengok movie .. tuhs pun after afie dah merajuk coz keep on postpone to watch Bolt ..

So on thursday ..kami *me,afie n comet* buat movie marathon .. kami tonton 2 movie in one night ..

First bolt .. the story is OK .. untuk bebudak .. and then Twilight ..

Twilight la citer yang buat me n afie go "aaaaa .. sooo sweeet .. " , " aaaaa .. so handsomeee" , "eeeee .. handsomenyeeeeeeeeeeeee" ....

And then buat comet goes "eeeeeee .. gediknyeeeeeeeeeeeeee" ... hahahahhahahahah ..

Seriusly head over heal to edward cullen but not rob pattinson in real life :p he looks more handsome when he became edward cullen ok :D

So now .. time to cari all the books of twilight, eclipse etc :D



nicol said...

I got eclipse!!
tebal nk mampuih erk
took like 1 month or extra to finish? ihi
worth it beli time MPH warehouse!
only RM25 (tapi dah lepas)
beli jgn x beli,
bring it together ke UK ms kt airport bleh mentelaah.

waNny said...

hahahaha.. nicol..

i dah ade bahan bacaan.. hadiah graduation u bagi .. baru dapat this week .. hehehehehhe :p