Monday, December 15, 2008

Bye Bye

By the time post nie di publish.. i will be on my way to London .. Will be back on 3rd January 2009.. will be celebrating the new year with alia n afie :)

My flight will be at 10 am *Local time* and will reach Heathrow Airport 4'ish London Time .. that means around 13 hours of flight if im not mistaken ..

On 16th .. Bonjour .. we will be heading to Paris, France *the romantic city .. city of fashion;)*

My dream came true ! :D i will obviously took picture of Eiffel tower and insyaallah naik sampai atas *if i had the guts :P *

So i will not have the access to Internet for 3 days.. but after that .. to my customer :) i still boleh check the email .. do not worry :D

Hope to had a safe journey .. hehehehhehehehe

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