Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxing Day Part 3

we start our day late .. kuar rumah at 12pm .. and reach our destination 2pm ..

The store mostly closed at 5pm .. so we had 3 hours to shop ..

Start at M&S .. then search Burberry for abang .. I bought 5 burberry shirt for him ..

then me, afie and alya lepak kat starbucks before continue ..

masuk Gap .. bought another 2 baju for me and afie another Jeans .. hahahahah

Pegi balik M&S bought abang nye baju ag ..

kami duduk sampai semua kedai tutup and orang dah takde .. hahahhahah

Sampai London .. kami end our day at Puji-Puji Malaysian Restaurant ..

I just remember i need to bought something for Kak Nor ..

die nak baju and jeans .. :)

will find it tomoro or Wednesday :)

i think i need to Courier some of my stuff .. dont want to be over luggage :)


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