Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So who said working with ur own mom will be an easy task ....

As i start working .. we had an idea to open a new company ..

Since that .. i never been hectic as this in my whole life ..


I woke up at 8.45 am and head to Shell at 9.15am ..

Do my work till 3.30 and head to bookshop for afie's text book ..

Reach home around 4pm and 4.30pm me n my mum headed to Kinrara ..

Back home around 7pm ..

Settled our things out and sort out everything then at 7.30pm i know that i need to go to Ikea ..

7.50 pm headed to USJ 16 first then to Ikea ..

Reach Ikea at 8.20 .. bought the necessary things ..

9.30 Dinner ..

10.20pm Headed to Shell Tiraz

11.30pm Headed to Shell Tisa

12.30am .. FINALLY REACH HOME !!!!!

owhs.. i need my bed now ..

toddlesss .. c u guys tomoro :)


Diamilikku said...

amik ahh staf tolong..
kan senang sket..

waNny said...

hahahaha ..

kalu shell tuhs mmg la ade staff tolong .. yang lain sendirian berhad ..

nak extra money .. need extra works :)

owhs .. ade staff sorang .. tapi die balik ganu .. hahahahahahha .. hampeh .. cuti raya lame betul :p

paham ke sape ? :p hehehehhehe