Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boxing Day Part 2

Boxing day part 2 ..

Semalam lepas balik dari Oxford .. rest and sleep around 11pm ..

Kul 2.30am getting ready for Next at Brent ..

Kami sampai .. parking was already full .. so .. as our car is Toyota Previa *estima in Malaysia* .. i had to park it outside .. and side parking .. *nasib baik biasa bawak Murano and Storm .. no problem for me *

so .. sampai jer .. semua orang dah masuk .. tak susah and terus masuk and cari2 barang .. Sangat ramai orang ok !!!

I only took like 30min to shop and getting ready nak bayar .. manusia sangat ramai beratur .. it took us damn 2 hours to reach the till !!!

And best part .. ada Drama Swasta !! and African English girl marah2 coz x dapat terima the way kami kene que for cashier ..

Then continue by a Hindustani .. Makcik nie x dapat terima jugak and nak cut Que .. which kene maki ngan Another Hindustani ..

I was in the middle of everything .. a few Hindustani in fron .. 2 Hindustani Behind me and next to me the African English girl ..

There's shouting and all in English and Hindi .. ahhahahah .. i was stuck in the middle .. and laugh at everything ..

Nasib baik dah nak sampai Till .. if not .. i will put everything and chow .. :p hahahahah

I spent alot .. bought most of thing there ..

then went to Oxford Street .. masuk Selfridges .. bought Burberry Polo for abang and Fendi Sandals for Ma .. then bought L.K Bennet Clutch .. and afie bought B-Spot for her ..

and we end our day eating at Satay House for Kak Ip farewell :)

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